Ready At Dawn Rubbishes The Order: 1886’s Five-Hour Campaign Claim



Keen to stop the topic from spinning out of control, Ready at Dawn has moved to douse mounting claims that The Order: 1886 can be completed in just over five hours.

Questions have surrounded the PlayStation 4 exclusive for some time, but this most recent report came to light just yesterday when YouTube user PlayMeThrough published the entire story onto the platform, which clocked in at around five and a half hours. However, it’s worth nothing that this feat was achieved by rushing through the experience as quickly as possible while skipping all available cutscenes, thereby throwing up a somewhat skewed perception of The Order: 1886‘s actual length.

According to a report picked up by Dualshockers, the studio has pegged the duration of the cover-based shooter at between eight and ten hours, based on internal testing with the difficulty switched to medium. Furthermore, those who wish to try their hand at hard mode should find that the experience will begin to stretch toward twelve hours.

As we alluded to yesterday, the length of time it takes to clock The Order: 1886 (and indeed the amount you enjoy it) will come down to personal preference. Given that the PS4 exclusive won’t offer any online mode to speak of on day one, it was understandable that fans took issue with PlayMeThrough’s pre-emptive walkthrough when it first found its way online, but it’ll still be interesting to see how such a controversy impacts the title’s launch in a few days time.

Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 is scheduled to launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 20.

Source: Dualshockers

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