Get Ready For Some Massive Discounts On The Xbox Live Store Starting December 22


Microsoft’s holding a mega blowout sale on Xbox Live this Christmas, starting December 22. Running all the way into the new year and ending on January 7, the software giant is touting the period as being the “biggest digital game sale of the year.”

There’s currently no info whatsoever on what games you can expect to be discounted though, as Microsoft are holding their cards very closely to their chest. Not that the shortage of information really matters; anywhere from 40-60% of the usual sale price of any games included in the sale will be cut off the top, so you’re looking at a very cheap Christmas – as far as gaming’s concerned, anyway.

Xbox Live Gold members get the added bonus of an additional 10% off too, so consider yourselves spoiled. “Epic games” and “great deals” are the types of words being thrown around, so don’t go emptying your wallet on full price games just yet.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any and all announcements that trickle out in regards to which games are on sale and by how much they’re discounted too, so check back throughout the two week period.

While you wait for the Xbox Live sale to kick off though, you might want to check on the PlayStation Store – Sony is currently running a ’12 Days Of Christmas’ promotion, offering something new every two days. And, as if the above wasn’t enough, we’ve still got Valve’s annual Holiday Sale to look forward to as well.

It’s certainly a good time to be a gamer.