Get Ready For Sharknado: The Video Game


Last summer, Syfy’s Sharknado became a full-blown cultural phenomenon. Although absurdly silly in plot – it’s based around a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and into Los Angeles – the made-for-TV movie provided the sort of mindless popcorn-munching fun that many seek out during the summer months. The success of Sharknado prompted the Syfy Channel to create Sharknado 2, which will premiere on July 30th. But even that wasn’t enough; not only does Sharknado have a sequel in the near future, but now a video game as well.

The success of Sharknado among the 18-32 demographic contributed to Syfy’s decision to look into creating a game based on the movie. “It’s instantly accessible to anyone, young or old,” Syfy VP Jeff Li explained. “I don’t care what your cultural background is, you don’t even have to follow the story. You don’t have to read the book. It’s Sharknado and you’re both excited and terrified.”

Syfy is hoping that the game, which will be distributed by Majesco Entertainment, will be as accessible as the movie. Initially, Sharknado: The Video Game will be released for the iPad and iPhone only, but Li said that they will explore developing a more advanced game for next-gen consoles if the mobile game is well received.

As it stands, Sharknado: The Video Game is heading in the direction of being free to begin with, while offering in-game purchases, such as additional premium ways to kill sharks or advance in the game.

“We want to establish Sharknado as a transmedia property,” Li added. “So you will want to enjoy the experience on or off the television screen and interact with it, video gaming is a perfect medium to extend the franchise.”

Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres on Syfy July 30th. The game is expected to release on iPad and iPhone to coincide with the sequel’s arrival.

Source: THR