New Real Steel DLC Available For Xbox LIVE

Let’s all be honest with ourselves: who doesn’t love fighting robots? With the release of the glorified Rock’em Sock’em Robots film Real Steel last year, this trend has had an upswing in popularity, which was only fueled by the release of YUKE’S CO. video game treatment. As if the chance to brawl with mechanical beasts of chaos wasn’t enough, the company has been kind enough to continuously release DLC to expand the game, including their latest pack that was released on March 15.

Most of the updates available this time around add features that make Real Steel similar to its namesake, including skins that are reminiscent of robots from the film. New moves are also introduced, allowing competitors to fight more ferociously and raise the stakes. Finally, the Total Battle Rating has been expanded over its previous limit, giving players the opportunity to rise above the 9,999 cap. Nothing like some upgrades to add to the bragging rights.

Gamers playing Real Steel on Xbox LIVE can snatch up this newest DLC pack now in the Xbox Marketplace, and be sure to keep an eye towards the future for even more updates!

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