Reaper’s Revenge Brings New Vectors And Upgradeable Mounts To Skyforge

Skyforge RR mounts

Good news for Skyforge players seems to be a regular occurrence these days, and there’s even more now that the Reapers’ Revenge update is available. Along with numerous additions and improvements, this new update allows for the use of a gamepad controller, which the developers hope will make playing Skyforge more exciting and convenient than before.

As well as adding some of the best weaponry an Immortal can get their hands on, completing Distortions following the update will unlock Vectors in your respecting army’s Invasion Atlas. Progressing further in the Invasion Atlas will allow these vectors to grow, earning players more stats than ever before.

But if the old Distortions weren’t tough enough, there are a whole new batch of ‘D-Series’ Distortions being added with this new content, in what the developers are calling the “greatest challenge yet.”

Additional updates with Reaper’s Revenge will see upgradeable mounts coming to Skyforge as well. As a result, it will soon be possible to upgrade your modes of transportation to make them faster and to let them spawn quicker when you need them.

Reaper’s Revenge is ready to be added to your Skyforge game right now, so feel free to dive in.