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Recent Leak May Have Revealed New Batman Game Titles

It looks like we'll finally know the names of some incoming Batman games!

Batman: Arkham Origins

Whether it’s films or movies, fans can’t get enough of Batman and according to a data breach recently discovered, there seemed to be multiple new video games featuring this iconic hero in development at some stage, and potentially still now.

With a breach taking place of Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, data miners had access to a library of titles that included a pair of Batman games that aren’t related to the 2022 scheduled game Gotham Knights.

Within this breach was found Batman: Arkham Insurgency, a title that seems to imply is was the previously canceled sequel within the Arkham series. Along with this sequel hinted at a remaster of the original Batman: Arkham Knight. Despite being listed in this data breach, it may be the case that these two games were in progress at some point, but it doesn’t ensure that they’ll ever see a release.

Another game, more obscure than the previously mentioned titles was Batman CityBuilder. This title would imply that the game is in the vein of Sim City or somewhere that you can build up Gotham, although as you’d expect no further details were found of what this name could mean. Batman CityBuilder did explicitly say it was a working title which should inspire hope to eager fans that the game could potentially be released in the future.

While the authenticity of this leak is up for debate and even if it is proven to be legit, it doesn’t mean that these games are still in development or that fans will ever get to try them out for themselves.

If either of these Batman titles are something you’re holding out for then you’ll just have to sit tight and wait for Warner Bros. to potentially announce the project in the future.

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