ReCore Gets A Stylish Gameplay Debut Trailer; Releases September 13


ReCore, the Xbox One exclusive third-person shooter/platformer hybrid, has gotten its first full-length gameplay trailer during Microsoft’s E3 conference. Finally answering some of the burning questions fans have had about the enigmatic title since being unveiled last year, players will explore ReCore’s world as protagonist Joule Adams and her “attempts to save mankind in the dangerous world of Far Eden.”

Likewise, the various different robot companions Joule will share her journey with – and their unique abilities – were showcased. First up is Mack, the canine-shaped robot first seen in the original teaser trailer, who is described as an explorer. The spider-themed Seth, meanwhile, is an escape artist and has various weapons hidden beneath his metal skin.

Last but not least is Duncan, the heavy hitter. Clearly inspired by the larger primates found in the animal kingdom, Duncan looks like he’ll be a go-to choice for when Joule needs a little extra protection.

ReCore launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 13 and looks to have the perfect combination of platforming and shooter elements. And to be honest, we’d expect nothing less from Keiji Inafune.

Source: YouTube