Red Bull Will Spread Its Wings Into The eSports Community Over Memorial Day

It seems that Red Bull has decided to spread its wings and officially get involved in eSports.

Earlier this week, Red Bull announced the Red Bull Battlegrounds, which will see 16 of the world’s top eSports athletes head down to Austin, Texas over the Memorial Day weekend to duke it out in Blizzard’s flagship eSports title, Starcraft II. The tournament will offer forty-one thousand dollars worth of prizes.

Fans of eSports will recognize the commentating team of Day[9], djWHEAT of, Mike “Husky” Lamond, and Rob Simpson from Blizzard Entertainment. Those folks will give the play by play to both those in attendance and those tuning in through the live stream.

If you happen to be near Austin, tickets are available, ranging from 10 bucks for balcony tickets to 20 bucks for mezzanine seats. You can find out more details, including the roster of competitors as it’s being updated, by heading to this page.

Red Bull. It’ll give Terran wings.

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