Red Dead Redemption Adds Zombie Pack

Not a huge gamer, but Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorites.

So I was very excited to hear that Rockstar games, also the makers of Grand Theft Auto, will be adding the online dead pack to Red Dead Redemption, just in time for Halloween.

The game features a brand-new single player zombie adventure, as well as a multi-player mode which will feature eight new zombie characters. Also there will be new weapons, animals and plenty of side quests and challenges.

Yup, those pesky bears and cougars were hard enough to deal with, but now undead cougars and zom-bears are quite tougher, and just one of the glorious additions being added on.

But unlike most expansion packs, Rockstar really took it a step further and overhauled the Red Dead world, changing the appearance to be of a more ghoulish feel, and adding cemeteries and ghost towns which are part of the Old West anyway. In addition, there is a new soundtrack as well to match the new action.

As if blood-thirsty zombies chasing you wasn’t enough, Rockstar has decreased the amount of ammunition for your guns, so be careful folks. It promises to be quite intense and as one British girl said upon playing it, I almost shat a brick when the boss zombies started attacking.

This game was already amazing as it was. Adding zombies pushed it to the next level. The undead have been very fashionable these last few years, so hey, it only makes sense to add them to the Old West, and truly elevating Red Dead into elite video game company.

Here is a trailer for the update, which was slated for release on October 26.

This is the last of the four expansion packs Rockstar had slated to add to Red Dead, but it is by far the best. What lies in the future for the game and for Rockstar is unknown.