Red Game Without A Great Name Hits PlayStation Vita In December


If you’re looking for a challenging platformer to pad out your PS Vita library this Christmas, then Polish developers iFun4all may have the game for you. The team’s steampunk-inspired Red Game Without A Great Name flies its way onto Sony’s handheld console sometime next month.

The game was previously released on iOS earlier in the year and in it, the player takes control of a mechanical messenger bird as they try and guide it through 60 levels filled with razor-sharp obstacles, where everything is trying to either impale or crush the little, feathered hero.

Here’s the official press release from the studio:

If your PlayStation Vita turned into another dust-gatherer, Red Game Without a Great Name might change that cruel fate this December. In the game, you control a mechanical bird that serves as a messenger in a hostile, steampunk world. To get the letter from one cage to another, and thus completing each of the sixty levels, you will have to maneuver the bird between all the obstacles.

However, this is no ordinary platform game, where you directly control your main hero. The bird is constantly moving forward, towards the objective. The only thing that can save it from the deadly traps is the ability of teleportation. And your nimble fingers, of course, as you are the one responsible for pointing out where the bird’s supposed to appear.

You’ll end up with ‘just one more retry’ becoming your new mantra as each retry might be just the one that gets you past that demanding level. But remember that the next one won’t be getting any easier. Special power-ups, like invulnerability or super strength, will help you when things get too hot to handle

Oh, and did we mention that there are 180 gears hidden throughout the game? Yeah, good luck collecting those.

See you this December in mechanical hell on PlayStation Vita. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

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