Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs Blends Persona With Disgaea; Turn-Based RPG Reaches Kickstarter Goal


Pixelated Milk is looking to make a splash – no pun intended – with Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs. Acting as the studio’s maiden voyage, the JRPG-styled title has proven to be a Kickstarter success after smashing through its initial goal with thee days to spare.

Bundling together all of the usual tropes of the genre, players will be able to construct their own houses and battle monsters when the new IP launches for PC and Linux in 2016. From the turn-based combat associated with Diagaea to the social links and character drama found in Persona, Regalia has been described as a classic JRPG with a western twist, and here’s what the studio had to say about its Kickstarter darling.

  • A Disgaea meets Persona formula with a western twist on the classic strategy JRPG genre.
  • A robust turn-based combat system with the right balance between complexity and fluidity.
  • An attractive look and feel, with hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and a soundtrack produced by Game Audio Factory (Endless Legend, Endless Space).
  • Light 4X elements – build your own village, conduct diplomacy, send your companions on expeditions for resources and treasures.
  • A huge cast of characters to meet, recruit and befriend through Social Links.

What’s immediately striking about Regalia is its hand-drawn art style, and the gameplay trailer embedded above takes a few cues from the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics. According to Pixelated Milk, the final product will have a deep and robust combat system; one which will actively encourage players to experiment with the game’s roster of characters.

At any given time, Regalia will allow users to control a party of five characters as they lock horns with some of the monsters roaming around the game’s lush, stylized world.

With funding now secure, Pixelated Milk’s attention will now turn to the game’s numerous stretch goals. As things stand, though, Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs will make its debut on PC and Linux in October of 2016 before making the jump to consoles – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, specifically – in the early stages of 2017. A long way off, sure, but when a game mixes the best elements of Persona and Disgaea together, we can’t help but be intrigued.

Source: Kickstarter