Register Your Dying Light Pre-Order To Receive Top-Tier Weapons


Techland wants gamers to know that it is appreciative of all of the support it’s received since announcing Dying Light, and plans to reward those who have or will put money down on the upcoming zombie game.

That’s because folks who pre-order Dying Light prior to its January 27th release date will be able to head online and link their Xbox LIVE Gamertags, PSN IDs or Steam accounts to the game’s website, in order to set themselves up for some free in-game weaponry. Said weapons — which have yet to be detailed — will be available in-game through unique dockets, and early birds will naturally get the best, top-tier worms, so to speak.

Eight weeks remain until launch, and each one represents a different docket. As of right now, all eight are currently available to those who register.

If you’re interested in the great-looking mix of zombies, parkour and melee combat that Dying Light is set to offer, then you might as well plop five dollars down on a pre-order and register yourself for one of the early dockets. After all, you may end up getting something great.