Rejoin The Brothers In Arms As The Furious 4


Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford stepped up on stage this afternoon, at Ubisoft’s press conference to reveal a new Brothers in Arms title his studio is working on. Entitled, Brothers in Arms: The Furious 4, it takes the series in a new and much more arcade experience.

During his speech, he promised “a new take on wargames and a new take on World War 2,” with four playable characters – each most-likely having their own abilities and characters. Thus making up The Furious 4 elite squad of Nazi killing soldiers.

Unlike previous iterations of the popular World War 2 video game series, The Furious 4 is much more of a loose interpretation of historical events. Though it sure looks like fun.

Check out the game’s reveal trailer below, showing the four playable characters and their personalities plus antics.

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