Release Date Confirmed For PS4 Exclusive Shadow Of The Beast


The PS4 exclusive remake for Shadow of the Beast now has a confirmed release date courtesy of a new behind-the-scenes feature from its developers. The video, which you can see above, also debuted a ton of new footage of the game.

This new version of Shadow of the Beast takes a thorough new coat of polish to the formula of the original. Heavy Spectrum Studios devs recently confirmed that they had implemented significant changes with the intention of making the game’s combat “buttery smooth.”

The original Shadow of the Beast was generally considered to be a very challenging game, and it seems that this remake will be no pandering inferior. The remake will reportedly feature a truly daunting ‘Beast’ difficulty mode that will test the credentials of even the hardiest of adventure combat gamers. This will be counteracted to a degree, as main character Aarbron has been given new abilities to add more depth and variety to the gameplay.

The Shadow of the Beast remake will be coming to the PS4 on May 17th.