Relive Your Childhood With Klei Entertainment’s Hot Lava


Klei Entertainment has made a name for themselves over the last decade by cementing themselves in the world of 2D games. Titles such as Invisible, Inc., Mark of the Ninja, and Shank 2 have all received great reviews from us over the years, and next month will mark the release of Don’t Starve Together on consoles. However, we’re even more intrigued by Klei’s newest title, Hot Lava, which is the studio’s first foray into the world of 3D.

Borrowing elements from parkour (Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes to mind), Hot Lava blends parkour and free-running elements and merges them with the popular “the floor is lava” game, which is a hit with many younger children. Klei doesn’t shy away from their inspirations either, as evident from the game’s description on its Steam Store page.

The floor is lava!

Hot Lava transports you back to your childhood imagination. Relive those moments of excitement, joy and chaos. Traverse distinct worlds, from school hallways to the memories of your darkest fears. This is a game of dexterity and ingenuity, you will have to use all your skills to complete the treacherous obstacles that await.

But whatever you do…

Don’t Touch The Floor

According to the game’s website (where you can sign up for the closed beta), players will be able to take advantage of a handful of moves and tricks, from sliding in order to build up large amounts of speed, to shimmying and climbing on ropes and pipes. Plenty of the environments seem ripped straight from our youth, whether that be the school gymnasium or the living rooms and bedrooms of our childhood house.

As of now, there is no definite release date, though the game’s store page does mention the inclusion of multiplayer and full controller support. Those who are rocking less powerful gaming rigs needn’t worry either, as the minimum system requirements list 2 GB of RAM and support for DirectX 9.0.

We’ll keep you updated on Hot Lava as more news surfaces, so be sure to stay tuned.