Relive Sonic CD On XBLA, Coming Soon

Sonic CD is what is considered a ‘classic’ Sonic game. In the same breath as modern Sonic haters are bashing Shadow, Silver and Werehog level design, they’ll praise Sonic CD, perhaps only because it contains neither Shadow nor Silver.

Well, considering that this highly esteemed game hasn’t been made readily available in compilations like the majority of other Sonic titles, this is pretty big news. Major Nelson has announced via his blog that Sonic CD is not only coming to XBLA, but will be playable at PAX.

Obviously, it is too early to know whether the PS3 will be getting this download as well, but SEGA are still playing catch-up with their ports. I wouldn’t be surprised to find it ends up on the Sony console eventually – perhaps even as some kind of Plus giveaway. Only time will tell.