Remedy CEO Quits Studio, Development On Quantum Break Remains Unaffected


Remedy Entertainment has lost another executive, with CEO Matias Myllyrinne confirming plans to leave the Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer after fifteen years. He’s moving onto pastures anew; specifically, World of Tanks studio Wargaming, and made the departure official via Twitter.

Myllyrinne leaves Remedy on good terms and believes that the studio exists as one of the best indies in the business, with co-founder Markus Mäki stepping in to fill the void for the time being. In an extended blog post, the bigwig recounted his best memories at the developing house, and in looking to the future, stated that, for him, the best years for Remedy remain ahead.

Speaking of which, a large part of the company’s immediate future will center around Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Despite parting ways with the studio, the former CEO assured fans that the third-person action game remains “on course,” and that the reason the new IP slipped from its original 2015 release came down to Microsoft’s release schedule, as opposed to development issues.

Quantum Break will now tread the same path as the likes of Evolve and The Order: 1886, two new IPs that were pushed from the crowded holiday period last year in order to find some much-needed breathing space. Whether that revised launch window will benefit Remedy’s time-bending adventure will ultimately be determined by the quality of the finished product.