Remedy Talks Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

To get us acquainted with a popular writer’s second horrific plight against dark energy, the folks from Remedy Entertainment sat down for a roundtable developer diary.

Within its casual confines, they discussed some of the thought processes that went into creating Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, while highlighting its new mode and changed mechanics. From the looks and sounds of things, this one is going to be more action-packed, with a survival mode that harkens back to the scoreboard driven arcade games many people used to spend incredible amounts of money on.

Being a fan of the original game and someone who can’t wait to try this downloadable episode, the line that intrigued me the most was this (paraphrased) one:

“Alan Wake was Stephen King and LOST. American Nightmare is much more Tarantino and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn.”

If you weren’t aware that this title is more campy and action-oriented, then that line will do the trick. Although Alan Wake was great and had well-designed mechanics, I’m interested in seeing what this mild alteration will bring to the series.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be released onto Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 22. It will be a part of the service’s House Party 2012 promotion.