Remedy Teases Quantum Break News Drop For Later This Week


Earlier this month, we caught wind that Quantum Break was “so close” to completion, and now Remedy looks set to showcase its long-awaited Xbox One exclusive.

Due to release at the beginning of April, all has been quiet on the Quantum Break front for the past few months, which likely comes down to Remedy entering crunch time more than anything else. Still, that looks set to change later this week, according to a message on the studio’s official forums, where Head of Community¬†Lauri Haavisto asked fans to keep their peepers peeled on Thursday, February 11. Remaining mum on the specifics of said reveal, we can readily assume that new gameplay details and possibly a fresh trailer for Quantum Break will come to the fore.

There’s also the small matter of the live-action TV series that’s due to launch in tandem with the Xbox One third-person shooter. Starring¬†Aidan Gillen, Courtney Hope and Shawn Ashmore, Remedy has teased that your actions in the game directly affect the outcome of the show, and while that sounds all well and good on paper, it wasn’t long before Syfy’s Defiance faded away into obscurity despite its cross-medium amitions. Will Quantum Break be the exception to the trend? Time will tell.

Quantum Break will launch for Xbox One on April 5.

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