New Remember Me Gameplay Footage Delights The Eye And Hurts The Ear

Capcom released almost 10 minutes of new footage of Remember Me today that showcases the titles’s excellent art style and gameplay mechanics. Sadly, it’s also showcase for the game’s terrible dialog and voice acting.

On the plus side, the platforming and combat looks fluid and spot on. Additionally, there is even a handy little menu that players can bring up during fights that lets them quickly select one of Nilin’s abilities to use against foes. For example, at one point she uses “Sensen D.O.S.” to stun three enemies, which gives her time to plant a “Logic Bomb” that blows up the trio.

The bad part is that when she uses these cool abilities Nilin will spout out one-liners like, “Time out!”. Even worse is the dialog from other characters, like the woman at the 6:50 mark who proclaims, “Over there. It’s her. The fugitive.” Or, the bad guy at 2:00 who threatens, “Let’s play a little game where you turn yourself in, but I shoot you anyway.”

Thankfully, Remember Me‘s gameplay seems to make up for what it lacks in dialog.

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