Report Feature Coming To Overwatch On Consoles, Torbjorn And Symmetra Changes Under Consideration

It’s certainly no secret that Overwatch players on PC get several advantages over their console brethren (Public Test Realm servers, for example), but it appears as if those in the latter camp are starting to take issue with certain features, or lack thereof.

As per VG247, a thread recently posted on Blizzard’s forums asks the developer to take note of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the shooter, particularly where the ability to report other players is concerned. As of now, those on PC can directly report cheaters or griefers through an in-game system, a service that’s noticeably missing from consoles.

Formally addressing the request for a report feature, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that such a thing is currently in the works for both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, but that a release date is beyond Blizzard’s control, presumably due to the way in which both aforementioned companies handle authentication of third-party patches and software updates. With that said, Kaplan does hope to see the system go live “before summer… or sooner,” so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before being able to notify Blizzard directly of any unsavoury types. Other issues raised in the thread pertained to character balancing and additional key bindings for controllers.

Elsewhere, forum members have also been calling for Blizzard to revert back Torbjorn & Symmetra’s nerfs, since hero stacking no longer remains an issue and “both of these characters’ turrets should now do more damage.” In response to that, Kaplan says that both are being watched closely and, while not making any promises, mentions that Blizzard will “consider adjusting them” in the future. Despite PC being the platform that the developer is primarily known for, it’s reassuring to see that Blizzard isn’t ignoring Overwatch‘s huge install base on consoles.

In related news, the shooter’s latest event – Year of the Rooster – went live earlier today on all platforms and introduces new Legendary skins for several characters as well as a capture the flag mode. See here for all the details.

Source: VG247