Leak Suggests Beyond Good & Evil 2 Will Be A Nintendo NX Exclusive


Information obtained by Destructoid claims that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be funded by Nintendo and released exclusively on the company’s upcoming Nintendo NX hardware.

The rumor has surfaced from a document provided to Destructoid by Dual Pixels writer Alexander Maier who, in turn, obtained it from an individual going by the name of Geno. Usually, the credibility of such a source would undoubtedly come under fire, but the same source has previously leaked information about the Pokemon series and outed Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project.

An independent second source has apparently corroborated much of the same information provided by Geno, making the claim considerably more credible. Of course, it should be pointed out that Nintendo are yet to confirm any of this as true so we shouldn’t jump the gun just yet. Apparently though, the potential sequel currently exists under the working title of Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers.

Besides the above, the leak also claims that Nintendo is directly funding the development of the game, reflecting a similar move made by the company for Bayonetta 2, which ultimately released as a Wii U exclusive title.

Sadly, that’s all the information that’s available so far. A teaser trailer featuring the original’s two main characters – Jade and Pey’j – was shown at E3 several years ago, but nothing has been heard since. Let’s hope Nintendo come out soon and confirm (or deny) the rumors.