Report: Warner Bros. Montreal Working On Batman Game About Damian Wayne


Rocksteady Studios may have concluded its involvement in the series (Batman: Arkham VR excluded) with last year’s Batman: Arkham Knight, but it appears as if Warner Bros. isn’t quite ready to hang up the cowl just yet. According to a report published by Kotaku, sources have told the site that a long-rumored (and unannounced) title based on the Suicide Squad name has been canned, with development having been transferred to a new Batman game instead. However, assuming the rumors to be true, this particular outing won’t feature Bruce Wayne as the title character, but rather Damian Wayne – Bruce and Talia al Ghul’s son.

According to Kotaku, the cancelled Suicide Squad game had been in development for two straight years, with Warner Bros. putting a halt to its production after it failed to impress during early demonstrations. The unconfirmed Batman title that appears to be taking its place is reportedly being put together by Warner Bros. Montreal, the same studio responsible for 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins. While not enjoying the same critical success as those made by Rocksteady, Origins was still a worthwhile jaunt around Gotham City, serving as a prequel story for the rest of the Arkham series.

What shape the Damian Wayne game will take is anyone’s guess, but considering the character’s comic history as one of many children to don the Robin mask, we imagine Warner Bros. Montreal will adapt that story thread in some form or fashion. Kotaku remarks that the game had originally been slated for a reveal in December, but that appears to no longer be the case.

Expect more details in the new year.