Report: Watch Dogs 2 Ad Reveals San Francisco Setting, November Release Date


Less than twenty-four hours from its grand unveiling, a leaked IGN ad has seemingly outed the Watch Dogs 2 setting and release date.

In accordance with early rumors, the marketing material pegs Ubisoft’s cybernetic sequel for a release on November 15 – a window not dissimilar to fellow Ubi franchise Assassin’s Creed, which has been ordered on a one-year hiatus following Syndicate – and will whisk players off to San Francisco.

Marcus, a mysterious new black hacker, will take point as the Watch Dogs 2 protagonist in lieu of Aiden Pearce – a switcheroo which, again, falls in line with previous reports – and you can get an early peek at the general style of Ubisoft’s follow-up via the leaked image, below.

What supports this purported leak is that November 15 happens to be a Tuesday, the day publishers would traditionally reserve for an international launch. So far, and assuming this is correct, Watch Dogs 2 will open opposite Gran Turismo Sport and, potentially, Respawn’s mech-on-mech shooter Titanfall 2.

One way or the other, we won’t have to wait too long before Ubisoft pulls back the curtain on its clandestine sequel. Tune in to We Got This Covered tomorrow, June 8, when we’ll have full coverage of the official Watch Dogs 2 unveiling at 9am PT/12pm ET.