Resident Evil 0 Pre-Purchase Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 0

A Capcom classic, Resident Evil 0 is due to receive yet another re-release later this month in what is likely to be considered a particularly special occasion for fans of the zombie franchise. Originally released way back when in 2002 for Nintendo GameCube, the prequel has since received several visual touch-ups for modern audiences on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, skipping the Big N’s then-flagship Wii U console entirely.

If rampant speculation at the time is to be believed, the reasons for that absence likely come down to the Wii U’s catastrophic failure, though what’s past is past. As of now, Nintendo is riding high on a sea of positivity, following the Switch’s standout success and what better way to celebrate than by bringing home the chronological first entry in Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise? There’s still a few weeks to go until Rebecca and Billy make the jump over to Ninty’s hybrid console, though as of today, eager fans can take a short digital shopping trip to the eShop in order to secure their pre-purchase.

As is the case for existing versions, additional costumes for both aforementioned protagonists are included in the purchase, as is the excellent Wesker Mode. The latter was first introduced with 2016’s remaster and replaces Billy with a playable version of the reoccurring villain. This particular incarnation of the character takes its inspiration from Resident Evil 5, meaning he has full access to a suite of superhuman abilities, including a rather deadly left hook.

In regards to performance, it’s not immediately clear if this particular port will achieve the coveted solid 60fps benchmark, though given Resident Evil 0‘s relative age, one can only assume it will run without issue. Either way, expect a final verdict closer to launch on May 21th. Assuming all goes well, this could be all the incentive Capcom needs to reconsider its stance on a potential Switch version of Resident Evil 2. Fingers Crossed!