New Resident Evil 2 Mod Imports Leon, Claire And Mr. X From Darkside Chronicles


For the longest time, I’d naturally pictured what it’d be like to see Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and the creatures they fought in Resident Evil 2 rendered in more realistic graphics if and when a full-blown remake ever saw the light of day. Thankfully, the relevant segment making up 2009’s Darkside Chronicles showed me just that when it dropped for the Nintendo Wii. Still, that wasn’t quite the remake we’d all wished for because it was an on-rails shooter which covered more ground than just the Raccoon City incident.

More so re-imagining the tale told in the 1998 original, 2019’s massively popular Resident Evil 2 remake featured costumes that payed tribute to the original, yet were something to call their own. As such, the veterans among us still feel a pang of nostalgia that’s gone unsatiated.

Well, thanks to the aforementioned Darkside Chronicles sharing more visual similarities with the Playstation classic, some tech-savy folks have carried costumes from the Wii game over to the actual remake itself. As you can see in Residence of Evil’s video found below, Leon and Claire sport costumes more in-line with what gamers circa 1998 came to love – not to mention Mr. X in his retro threads.

Though I’ve grown accustomed to Mr. X’s urban attire, I must admit it’s cool seeing him in the more militaristic duds. Actually, Capcom almost went with this look yet again, but ultimately settled on the new trenchcoat and fedora.

What’s also a thrill to witness here is that the “Super Tyrant” from Darkside Chronicles has been imported as well. This should especially satisfy anyone yearning to see that mutation in a more realistic environment. Granted, what we got was pretty fierce in its own right, yet it was still another departure from the original Resident Evil 2.