Resident Evil 2 Mod During The Storm Demo Now Available


Capcom’s 2019 remake of survival horror sequel Resident Evil 2 is considered an instant classic for a multitude of reasons.

While chiefly intended to be a retelling of the events that befell Raccoon City in the aftermath of the T-Virus outbreak, Leon and Claire’s reimagined nightmare distanced itself just enough from the original to feel like a brand new experience. Nothing is perfect, of course, but the concerted effort to retain RE2‘s core DNA while also ensuring that the iconic adventure felt fresh for veterans and newcomers alike serves as further proof that Capcom’s talent is unrivalled as far as restorative projects are concerned.

That being the case, then, there’s still plenty of reason to go back and play the 1998 version, especially as modders continue to support the title over two decades later. One of these efforts, During the Storm, is a total conversion mod that reuses assets to create a campaign set during the outbreak’s beginning. As Kevin Ryman, players will do what they can to survive the onslaught of undead and even visit the RCPD prior to it being overrun.

While the full experience isn’t quite ready for release, mod creator Resevilnemesis30 has just put out a demo for the fan-made expansion, with the only requirement being to own a PC copy of Resident Evil 2. Bespoke content includes, among other things, an open world structurally comparable to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, branching narrative options, additional weapons, enemies and an internal timer similar to that seen in Dead Rising.

If all of that (and more) sounds like your cup of tea, During the Storm‘s taster can be downloaded via the link below, with a full release due later this year. Enjoy!