PUBG Mobile’s Resident Evil 2 Mode Just Got A Content Update


Resident Evil 2 frequently scares the living daylights out of me. There are few sounds in modern games that send chills up my spine quicker than the *thud* *thud* *thud* of Mr. X’s hulking footsteps. But at least you can turn the console off and escape them, right? Wrong. As players of Tencent’s PUBG MOBILE will know, the shambling undead, vicious lickers and even (if you’re very unlucky) the Tyrant have all been menacing folks in the special Survive Till Dawn mode.

The update launched back in mid-February and was warmly received by the fanbase, with players appreciating the effort that had gone into bringing the Resident Evil menagerie to PUBG. They also liked the exclusive loot you could earn as a reward for killing monsters – with the menacing Tyrant a particularly good source for top class goodies.

The mode has also just received an update bringing in some new cosmetics. Players can now get their hands on costumes of the Resident Evil 2 heroes Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as well as winning outfits based on Ada Wong and Marvin Branagh. Considering that many had written this mode off as a cheap marketing cash-in, it’s nice to see it supported after the main promotional push for Resident Evil 2 has passed.

After a wobbly few years for the franchise after the misstep of Resident Evil 6, it’s great to see it back on top. Resident Evil 7 was an astonishingly intense experience (especially on PSVR) and I don’t think there’s been a better remake in gaming history than what Capcom achieved with Resident Evil 2. We know that the next mainline title in the series, Resident Evil 8, is already in development, too, so let’s hope we get a look at it sometime over the summer. Beyond that, I’m really hoping that the rumors that say they’re going to remake Resident Evil 3: Nemesis come to pass.

Source: Gamasutra