Capcom Reveals How Many Zombies Resident Evil 2 Players Have Killed So Far

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 remake has been an enormous success for Capcom, and with good reason. The 1998 Playstation game is considered a highlight of its generation and one of the best entries in the long-running series. The 2019 remake has sensitively preserved what fans loved about the original and combined it with jaw-dropping graphics (literally in one particularly gross moment early on), a silky smooth framerate and possibly the best zombie combat there’s ever been in a game.

Proving its current popularity is a just-launched statistics site which helpfully boils down the global totals behind what players are doing in Resident Evil 2. Most prominent is the truly colossal amount of zombies (and other B.O.W.s) killed so far by gamers, which sits at a whopping 241,572,059. The website helpfully informs us that this means they’ve killed more zombies than there are citizens of the United Kingdom and Japan, and very soon it seems like players will have killed one zombie for each and every American citizen.

In addition to that, gamers have travelled the equivalent of 78,217,471 km, which means that they ‘reached the moon’ one day after release, hit Venus in four days will soon reach Mars. We can also see that 79% of players choose Leon Kennedy for their first playthrough and that they’ve fired the handgun more than 1.5 billion times, which has generated 76,857 tonnes of bullets. Capcom is also tracking some more esoteric stats, including how long players stare at a corpse, how many times players trigger a cockroach jump scare and what the rarest way to die in the game is (being blown up).

All things considered, this is a neat peek under the hood, not to mention that it nicely illustrates the granularity of the information developers now have access to in order to understand how people play their titles. And with Resident Evil 2 selling like gangbusters, let’s hope that the rumored remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis isn’t far behind.

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