Resident Evil 2 Has An X Gon’ Give It To Ya Mod, And It’s Amazing

Resident Evil 2

Capcom truly knocked it out of the park with their Resident Evil 2 remake. Ever since the GameCube remake of the original, fans have been asking for the developer to give the sequelwhich is without a doubt a franchise high point, a similar treatment.

It took them 17 years to finally do it, but it’s safe to say that every single fan of classic survival horror is thrilled with the result, as the recent release is an exceptional game that’ll fill you with dread and terror from start to finish. And a lot of that’s due to the iconic Mr. X.

Yes, even if you haven’t played Resident Evil 2 yet, odds are you’ve seen the dreadful Mr. X popping up in videos on social media. The sharply dressed Tyrant has scared the crap out of many players already and understandably so. But now, one particular mod is looking to bring a bit of humor into the game by inserting the song “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” every single time the character appears. Of course, this had become something of a meme beforehand, but now it’s a full-out mod and you can check it out for yourself down below.

Pretty awesome, eh? Mr. X seems to be quite popular these days with RE fans, as he really delivers the goods by scaring the absolute crap out of gamers whenever he’s close by. After all, having a terrifying unkillable monster actively hunting you results in some very stressful, nail-biting gameplay.

Fortunately though, Resident Evil 2 has a pretty smart adaptive difficulty. Which means that if you start running out of ammo by firing everything you have into Mr. X, he’ll stop spawning for a bit to give you a chance to recover. Still, it’s best to always keep some flash grenades on you, as those will do the trick in stunning him, which will allow you enough time to get away and find safe haven in a safe room.

That’s just our advice, though. Tell us, do you have any tips for dealing with Mr. X? If so, let us know in the comments section down below.

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