Watch: Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 3 Remake With Awesome Trailer

Resident evil 3

Not that there was ever any doubt, considering the deluge of leaks preceding it, but the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 3 is finally official.

Confirming the title on behalf of Capcom, Sony began its final State of Play of the year with a small, but immediately recognizable audio teaser. Clearly aware that Jill and Nemesis’ return would be the main attraction this time around, however, the publisher made viewers wait until the tail end of the presentation to catch their first proper glimpse of the remake in action.

As for what fans were treated to at the show’s climax, well, let’s just say the wait was worth it. A tantalizing new trailer showing off Jill’s new look, as well as what appeared to be a first-person gameplay segment kicked off the action, which swiftly transitioned into a familiar sight. Taking place in the same doomed location as that of this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, this version of Raccoon City appears to be the very same, meaning Capcom has clearly been able to fast-track development this time around.

Speaking of which, we now have a solid release date. Yes, Resident Evil 3 is due to release on PlayStation 4 and, presumably Xbox One and PC next year, April 3rd, and that’s not all. Project Resistance, the previously revealed spinoff, is, in actual fact, not a standalone project but a dedicated multiplayer component of the aforementioned title.

Fantastic news, then, but we’ve said enough. Check out today’s thrilling announcement trailer above and, as always, be sure to share your raw, initial thoughts of Capcom’s latest endeavour via the usual place below!