Resident Evil 3 Remake Images Tease Jill’s Weapon Arsenal


Like its forebears, Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake will present players with plenty of different tools with which to defend themselves.

Interestingly, weapon diversity is a largely ignored component of the series whenever a new entry rolls around, with primary focus going instead to the world and characters themselves. With iconic stars (no, not that kind) such as Jill, Carlos and the monstrous Nemesis all confirmed to be making a return for this particular reimagining, that’s hardly surprising, but ultimately, gameplay variety is what spurs the desire for multiple playthroughs.

That being the case, Raccoon City will undoubtedly be littered with an arsenal’s worth of firepower, some traditional, others (special mention goes to Resi 2‘s Spark Shot) absurd. How much ordnance Jill will have access to during her return trip remains to be seen, of course, but thanks to the efforts of one eagle-eyed fan, we’ve glimpsed our first hints of what to expect.

Check out the highlighted images below, courtesy of Where’s Barry:

Fans who’ve spent hours seeing Leon and Claire through to safety in this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake will be immediately familiar with the items on show. Boxes of both standard handgun and shotgun ammo are present in the screenshots, as too, is what appears to be a new handgun. With Robert Kendo confirmed to be making a return, it appears as if the ill-fated gun store owner will have a gift or two to give Jill before he kicks the bucket, one of which could well be the pistol pictured above.

Some interesting discoveries, then, but one question still unanswered is Nemesis or, more specifically, whether he’ll still drop special weapons when defeated. The risk/reward nature of deciding whether to dedicate resources into momentarily subduing the bioweapon for a sweet reward formed a core component of the original game, after all, and we hope Capcom sees fit to bring it back.

Resident Evil 3 is out next year, April 3rd, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Twitter