Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Have A Big Change From Original Game

Resident Evil 3

Grind up some green herb and pack up that reloading tool, because before you know it, Jill Valentine is going to need a little help with her escape from Raccoon City in the Resident Evil 3 remake that’s due out in a few months. However, even for longtime fans of the series, the game isn’t going to be a 1:1 remake, even more so than the Resident Evil 2 remake was last year. You see, apparently, some of those dynamic choices that players got to make in the PS1 original won’t be in the game.

During certain moments in the original title, Jill would be faced with a dilemma and two options, usually boiled down to run or fight. One of the choices, for example, was where you could either throw a candle to ignite a gas leak in a restaurant to combat Nemesis, or you could try and avoid the just-mentioned tyrant in the restaurant’s basement cooler. Moments like this are apparently going to be absent in the upcoming remake though, as producer Peter Fabiano has said that the game is going to focus exclusively on one cohesive storyline this time through.

That’s kind of a bummer, but also kind of expected. As great as the RE2 remake was, the lack of the zapping system and dynamic storytelling experiences between the two campaigns was a bit of a letdown, especially compared to the original title. Now with the lack of Live Selections (the quick-choice things from the original) to change up the narrative in the RE2 remake, one can only wonder what’s going to take its stead. I saw a rumor that said the first-person shot we saw in the debut trailer may be indicating a sort of escape-type scenario taking place in first-person. I could see that, too, as Jill’s experience is supposed to be a little more action-heavy and kinetic, but who knows?

Of course, we also know that Mercenaries mode isn’t included this time, either, being replaced by Resident Evil: Resistance instead. So, at the very least, it’s seeming like Capcom is taking more risks here by not following the original Resident Evil 3 as closely as the Resident Evil 2 remake followed its original game. But, ya know, what can you do? I’m just excited to run through the streets of Raccoon City one more time.

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