Resident Evil 4 Is Missing A Popular Feature On Nintendo Switch


Even though it shifted the series’ paradigm for a number of years by opening the floodgates to two subsequent followups that missed the mark in my view, Resident Evil 4 will forever occupy a special place in my heart. It may have wildly differentiated from its predecessors, sure, but it still retained properties intrinsic to what makes a Resident Evil game while also exploring new territory. Again, it was RE 5 and 6 that went off the rails.

So, if you’ve yet to acquaint yourself with one of Leon Kennedy’s grandest adventures – or are feeling a pang of nostalgia and would like to relive it – then you can now experience the horror on the Nintendo Switch platform. Not only is this widely regarded as one of the best entries into the Resident Evil franchise, but it’s also often hailed as one of the best video games ever made. Period.

There are just a couple of problems, however.

Residet Evil 4

One is kind of subjective, but veterans of the Wii version of RE 4 really dug the motion controls. Seeing as how that was also a Nintendo console, it’s come as a surprise to some that feature didn’t carry over to the Switch port. Personally, I prefer classic-style controls, but to each their own. Still, it’d have been for the best if everything carried over so that everyone be appeased.

The other complaint being voiced is that of the $30 price tag. For a game that originally debuted in January of 2005, that’s admittedly somewhat steep. I think $20 may have been more ideal, but let’s not forget Capcom’s tradition of porting the hell out of various RE titles. Come to think of it, the GameCube translations of RE 2, 3 and CODE: Veronica X were a bit pricier when they hit shelves in 2003 – and will now cost you a prettier penny years later.

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