Resident Evil 4 Remake Potentially Teased By Voice Actor

Resident Evil 4

While it remains firmly in speculative, unconfirmed territory, it seems that the genre-defining masterpiece that is Resident Evil 4 will soon join a number of its predecessors in getting a highly-anticipated remake. That’s what previous comments provided by insiders appear to suggest, at least, and given their track record for providing accurate intel before it’s made official, we’re inclined to believe exactly that.

We’ve heard quite a bit of chatter online lately of Capcom’s plans to recreate the series’ most acclaimed installment, rumors that have since been corroborated by several outlets as well as reputable source Aesthetic Gamer, arguably the authority on all things Resident Evil where leaks are concerned. Regardless of how likely it may seem, of course, even the most believable hearsay can wind up leading to an unfortunate dead end, though in this instance, we imagine such an outcome to be incredibly unlikely, especially in light of some interesting new developments this week.

Nick Apostolides, voice actor for Leon S. Kennedy in last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, recently shared an image of himself on social media doing motion capture work, accompanied by the caption: “Man does it feel good to get back to work! Safely had a blast with some crazy people on this one…can’t wait to share the project!”

While he’s clearly unable to reveal the specifics of his latest role, Apostolides’ selfie contains a number of tags, including one for video games and performance capture, naturally leading many to name Capcom as his employer and, by extension, Resident Evil 4 as the game in question. It all lines up, no doubt, but fans likely won’t learn the truth for a while.

With Resident Evil Village on course to arrive in the first half of 2021, it’s highly unlikely (assuming they exist) that anything related to future remakes will be talked about in any official capacity until hype for the franchise’s eighth installment has subsided, but as soon as something surfaces, we’ll be sure to let you know.