Resident Evil 6 May Have Been Accidentally Outed By Voice Actor

It seems the video game industry just can’t keep video games secret anymore. First a supposed sequel to Dante’s Inferno was rumored by a listing on a writer’s personal website, then a supposed Sony crossover brawler was revealed because a designer was too darn excited, and now we might have a new Resident Evil on our hands.

Appearing on the personal website for voice artist Joe Cappelletti, there’s a mysterious listing for a Resident Evil 6, although nothing has been revealed by Capcom yet.

Cappelletti also lists his recent credits such as Modern Warfare 3 and Medal of Honor. Oddly, he also lists a game called Combat Wings, also from Capcom, which is not a Capcom game. So take these listings as you will.

You know, oddly enough, these match the supposed trailer released during Tokyo Game Show this past September, in which a teaser trailer was supposedly shown, but Capcom has never commented on that video.

What say you, gamers? Think a new Resident Evil game may be on the way?