Resident Evil 6 To Get New Camera & Game Modes In December

These days, Capcom are like the game company equivalent of the world’s most eager-to-please girlfriend. So terrified that fans would dislike Resident Evil 6 if they chose just one gameplay idea, the Japanese developer compromised on both tone and technique in an attempt to please everybody: they threw absolutely everything in there (six playable characters, three campaigns, Michael Bay-esque explosions at every turn) hoping some of it would stick. And then they marketed the hell out of it all, just in case.

But the game emerged as a kind of shallow hodgepodge of styles and modes, and came out feeling somewhat bland as a result. Go figure.

Your eager-to-please girlfriend is back, however, even though you kicked her out and said you didn’t want to see her for at least another four years. You know, when the horror and the atmosphere had been put back in properly.

Capcom have announced two DLC-add ons for December 2012 release: for those who like being killed over and over again on an endless loop, there’s the new ‘No Hope’ difficulty mode. And then there’s the added co-op option for Ada Wong’s campaign. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to play Ada’s campaign from the very start.

And just in case that wasn’t enough, Capcom are giving players new “camera options.” You’ll be able to widen you’ll field of view, if you like. Or make it narrower, even.

So, are you interested in another date with Resident Evil 6? Do these upcoming features please you?

However you feel, just please don’t break up with Capcom. Please.

Source: Digital Spy