Resident Evil 6 Pre-Orders Break Franchise Records

Christian Svensson, Capcom’s  SVP of planning and business development, revealed in an interview with Game Informer that pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 are higher than any game in the franchise’s history, and the game’s announcement helped to push sales for both RE: Revelations and the upcoming Operation Raccoon City.

“…We thought it would actually raise the awareness of all things Resident Evil, and as it turns out it did. Our preorders for Revelations and Raccoon City were both helped on an upward spike with the announcement of Resident Evil 6. The pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 are off to a fantastic start. The best start a Resident Evil game has ever had.”

When asked if the company was worried about the RE6’s November 20th release date in relation to the other big Holiday titles (AKA, the next Call of Duty) Svensson made it pretty clear that Capcom was not at all concerned, adding “We’re saying, “Get the hell out of the way.” We’re a big game. We’re letting you know we’re coming. We’re giving people plenty of room to move around us.”

With pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 already topping RE5, which currently stands at 5.8m units shipped LTD, it looks like this may be the year that Capcom finally finds a new game to replace their all-time best-selling title, 1992’s Street Fighter II for the Super NES which sold 6.3 million units.

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