New Resident Evil 6 Screens, Trailer And Info

Though its release date is still a ways off, Capcom is continuing to dish out Resident Evil 6 details. Now, a bunch of new screenshots, a new trailer, and some more story details have been released by the company.

The game will predominantly consist of three separate single-player campaigns, which can be played in any order, with individual protagonists for each one. Two of these will be series regulars, Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, while the third will be newcomer Jake Muller, who also happens to be the son of recurring villain, Albert Wesker. As with Resident Evil 5, the characters will have partners to aid them in their fights. Jake’s partner will be an older Sherry Birkin, who originally appeared in Resident Evil 2, while Leon will partner with a woman named Helena. Jake will be immune to the new C-Virus spreading across the world, while Leon will be infected with it at some point in his story.

The total amount of combined gameplay for all three characters will be about 30 hours, with each character’s story ending in China to connect the three together.

Finally, new zombie types will include the J’avo, who are capable of regenerating themselves into more powerful monsters. Zombies created by the C-Virus will also have the ability to pick up discarded weapons and use them to attack the player.

Several new screenshots have been released, along with a new trailer detailing the spread of the C-Virus and the inclusion of a new female antagonist.

Resident Evil 6 is currently scheduled for an October 2 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as an unspecified future release on the PC. We will keep you updated as more info is revealed.

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