Resident Evil 6 Subway Survival Sequence Shown

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 may mark the clearest departure of the series from its survival horror roots, but as the latest action-led subway sequence shows there is still something in the way of the macabre to be found lurking in the darkness.

Shown this weekend at the ‘Capcom Summer Jam’, the footage below follows Leon through an underground Metro where he must avoid trains and zombies alike in order to survive.  Darkness is, at times, used wonderfully with only a flashlight to fight back the shadows. There is a welcomed glimpse of some of the UI elements and cover-based movement commands. However, it appears that the much-loathed ‘partner platforming’ of Resident Evil 5 has returned and that QTEs are spreading almost as rapidly as the T-virus itself.

If nothing else, the footage (which can be found below) is at least the first glimpse of the PS3 version of the game. Resident Evil 6 certainly has graphical lustre, but I would happily trade all of that for some genuine terror.

Source: All Games Beta

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