Resident Evil 6 Targeted To Be Capcom’s Best-Selling Game Ever

In a short Question and Answer session based on the company’s most recent first quarter results, Capcom stated that the “overall positive” coverage of Resident Evil 6 at E3 and other game shows this year have put them in a position to ship 7 million copies of the title worldwide.

While 7 million units may not seem like an extreme number for a popular video game franchise, it is a very lofty goal for Capcom. Assuming RE6 can hit their projections in life-to-date shipments, it would put the title above Resident Evil 4 (5.7m units shipped across the GameCube, PS2, and Wii), the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation (2.75m units), RE3 (3.5m units), RE2 (4.96m units), and the series’ current top-seller Resident Evil 5 (5.8m units).

Additionally, 7 million units shipped would make Resident Evil 6 the company’s best-selling game of all time, dethroning Street Fighter II for the Super NES, which has held that spot with 6.3 million units shipped worldwide since it launched way back in 1992.

For video game sales enthusiasts, like myself, this will be one of the exciting races to watch this year.

We will keep an eye on things after Resident Evil 6 launches this October and let you know if Capcom is on target to get a new best-seller.

Source: Capcom, Capcom Platinum Titles List

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