Resident Evil 7 Demo Reaches 2 Million Global Downloads


You know a demo has generated a huge amount of interest when it manages to achieve a similar number of downloads to that of a full retail game. Enter Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo, which, since launch, has achieved 2 million downloads worldwide. But that’s not all: it has also become the most-downloaded single-player demo on PlayStation 4 in North America within its first week of release.

The figures were confirmed by Capcom in a press release, where they thanked fans for their continued “feedback and support.”

We would like to thank all our fans for the feedback and support. The nail-biting exploration and terrifying atmosphere in the demo is just a taste of what can be expected when the game releases on January 24, 2017.

Beginning Hour has garnered a heaps of attention since its surprise release during E3, not just because it’s a complete overhaul of the series’ traditional third-person-based gameplay, but also due to a certain finger that’s had players stumped in regards to what purpose it serves.

While that conundrum remains to be solved, it’s certainly no mystery why series fans are so excited over the prospect of a first-person Resident Evil title, especially after the rather lacklustre response Resident Evil 6 received – it’s the dramatic formula change we’ve all been waiting for.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series and sets a new course for the franchise as it leverages its roots and opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience. A dramatic new shift for the series to first person view in a photorealistic style powered by Capcom’s new RE Engine, Resident Evil 7 delivers an unprecedented level of immersion that brings the thrilling horror up close and personal. The intense horror experience will be further amplified when playing the game in the included PlayStation VR Mode option on PS4.

Resident Evil 7 will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 24, 2017.