Resident Evil 7 Tops UK Sales Charts, 3rd Best Debut Week In Series

Resident Evil 7 has received critical acclaim across multiple publications and today it’s been confirmed that its sales performance has been equally impressive, too.

The game has topped UK sales charts, knocking Grand Theft Auto V down to second place. Launched January 24th across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, the seventh entry in the iconic survival horror franchise has recorded the 3rd best week one sales in the series history, just behind Resident Evil 5, which launched in 2009.

News of Resident Evil 7’s strong sales performance in the UK follows an official announcement made by Capcom last week in which the publisher stated:

“Solid start for latest title in Capcom’s flagship series; lauded for breaking new ground in horror entertainment”.

Capcom said that it had shipped 2.5 million copies for Resident Evil 7’s opening week, which now puts the series at over 75 million units shipped in total since 1996. In October 2016, as part of its monthly earnings report, Capcom shared sales projections for the game, estimating that it would exceed 4 million by the end of the financial year.

By comparison, Resident Evil 5 and 6 are Capcom’s best ever titles, with 7.1 million and 6.6 million sales respectively. Of course, both these titles have been on the market for much longer.

WGTC gave Resident Evil 7 a 5-star rating in our review, calling it a ” triumphant return to form for the masters of horror.”