Resident Evil 7’s First DLC Available January 31 On PlayStation 4, Xbox One And PC Later

The first of Resident Evil 7‘s many, many DLCs will be available from January 31 for $9.99, but only on PlayStation 4, Capcom has announced. Xbox One and PC owners of the title will have to wait until February 21 to enjoy the same pleasures, it seems.

As was leaked earlier this month, Capcom’s post-launch plans for the survival horror will be split into multiple parts, with the first – Banned Footage Vol. 1 – releasing at the end of the month. Three standalone pieces of content are to be included in the first volume, including two story scenarios and a new Extra Mode, which the developer describes as a “tough-as-nails mode separate from the tapes and story of the main game.” Interestingly, it won’t be supported by PlayStation VR, so make of that what you will.

As for the new additions to the story, Bedroom and Nightmare will both deliver their own unique brand of gameplay, with the former tasking players with escaping from a locked room while making sure not to rouse the decrepit old Marguerite Baker from her slumber. Nightmare sounds much less interesting and essentially amounts to a horde mode, requiring you to fend off waves of enemies until the sun rises.

Here’s Capcom’s own description:

  • Bedroom: Figure out how to escape from a locked room – but don’t let Marguerite Baker know you’ve been out of bed.
  • Nightmare: Fend off waves of enemies and survive until morning.
  • Extra Mode – Ethan Must Die: A tough-as-nails mode separate from the tapes and story of the main game. (Does not support PSVR)

Following that, February 14 will see the release of Banned Footage Vol.2 which, like the first, will be a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4 and set you back $14.99. Check out the descriptions of each below. Jack’s 55th Birthday sounds like a particularly entertaining add-on, if we say so ourselves.

  • 21: Gambe life and limb in a deadly game run by Lucas Baker.
  • Daughters: See what the Baker family was like before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard.
  • Extra Mode – Jack’s 55th Birthday: Race against the clock and feed Jack tons of food in this comical extra game mode separate from the tapes and story of the main game. (Does not support PSVR)

Resident Evil 7 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you’re still deciding on whether to risk exploring the dank halls of the Baker mansion, Capcom’s just released a launch trailer to try and sway your hand. Check it out below.

Source: GameSpot