Resident Evil 8 May Not See Release Until Next Console Generation


With all the hype surrounding the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake, it’s become easy to forget about the chronological future of the series. After all, folks seem to be more concerned with getting a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis rather than Resident Evil 8 – and I can’t blame them. In all honesty, I’m more interested in the re-imagined classics as well.

Well, from the sound of it, we’ll be getting RE 3 before RE 8, anyway. Thanks to Residence of Evil’s latest informative video, we did learn that a Nemesis remake is likely to see release at some point in 2020. In case you’re wondering, they’re citing Dusk Golem, somebody who’s lent highly credible information in the past and very likely has a source within Capcom.

Also of note in the video found below is a little tidbit about Resident Evil 8 itself. Though there’s unfortunately not much to say about it at present time, we can tell you that it’s not expected to hit shelves until the next console generation arrives. Given where we’re at on the current cycle, that sounds very believable, not to mention that I think Capcom could want the next vision of survival horror to be on the cutting edge.

Additionally, it should be addressed that Capcom apparently wants Resident Evil to be an annual event. If they could, say, drop RE 3 in 2020 and follow that up with RE 8 in 2021, then they’d really have some happy consumers on their hands. Then, perhaps, they could get cracking on a full-blown CODE: Veronica remake because that’s already on the wishlists of many.

As always, we’ll share more about Resident Evil 8 as news breaks over time. In the past, we’d heard that it’ll return to the third-person perspective for which the series is commonly known – and I really hope it does – but none can be too sure of what Capcom’s cooking up right now.