Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Offers FPS Zombie Head Popping.

With Capcom’s other zombie outing Resident Evil: Revelations seeming to be heading towards missing the 3DS launch, its other Resi incarnation looks to be right on schedule, with some interesting new details being revealed in an interview in this week’s Famitsu. While revealing that Mercenaries 3D is currently further along in development than its counterpart RE: Revelations, you will also be able to play the entire game in first person mode if you wish. If that doesn’t float your boat they also revealed that the old issue of not being able to move while you shoot in Resident Evil is now no longer a factor, allowing the games characters to move and shoot the undead at will.

“We needed to change the control system a great deal for the Nintendo 3DS. The touch screen is a really great input device, so we definitely want to get the most out of that we can.” Inoue said in the interview. In Mercenaries 3D when you pull your gun to protect your precious brains the game will switch from the over the shoulder third person view into the first person view until your done dealing your own brand of justice. The first person mode however can be set to your default camera settings if you prefer.

The game is based on “The Mercenaries” mode that was previously featured in RE games as “just bonus material up until now”. It has been expanded but still offers no real story but plenty of the all out action that made the original mode so good. Director Kazuhisa Inoue said “Instead of that, we’re implementing a lot of new gameplay into the action.”

The Mercenaries featured characters taking on waves of zombies set to a time limit with players fighting to last as long as possible and earn as much time as they could to keep the clock ticking. For its first stand alone game incarnation, Inoue explained that the game will feature RPG elements.

“You can give them skills and adjust their weaponry,” Inoue said. “That lets you adjust them for your own play style while levelling up their skills. Each character has varying heal and defence abilities, and some skills let them unlock particular weapon features or defeat certain mid-bosses more easily. Taking advantage of these skills will make the game quicker to play and allow you to raise your characters’ levels more easily.”

I personally was a big fan of the mercenaries mode so it will be interesting to see how a game of the mode pans out when it is finally released.