New Resident Evil Mod Lets You Play As The Fearsome Hunter

Resident Evil

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to view the world of Resident Evil from the perspective of a horribly mutated reptile, today’s your lucky day.

That very specific curiosity has been satisfied by Aydan Watkins, a renowned modder among fans of the franchise who produces their own additions to Capcom’s classic for members and supporters of his Patreon. If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely due to the announcement last week that an expansion for the original Resident Evil 2 called Ada’s Story had been released to the public free of charge. Introducing new enemies and items as well as remixed locations, the standalone adventure can be enjoyed without owning a copy of the game used to create it, though you will, of course, require a PC to play.

As for the headline topic, Watkins’ so-called Resident Evil Hunter lets gamers assume control of the fearsome creature and even use their impressively-sized claws to lop the heads off of anyone foolish enough to cross their path, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

Resident Evil

As is to be expected, animations are somewhat rudimentary, but Watkins has made sure to include several functions for the gruesome T-Virus subject. Currently, just two abilities, low and high slash, are available, the former of which requires the same input as that of Chris or Jill’s trusty knife. The latter, on the other hand, can only be executed when at a specific distance from an enemy and executes the Hunter’s trademark decapitation attack.

For those who ultimately decide to support Watkins on Patreon, it’s worth noting that Resident Evil Hunter is still in early Alpha, so don’t be surprised to encounter various bugs and other issues when skulking about Spencer Mansion.