No Wiimote Controls For Resident Evil: Revelations

Gamers with superior intellect have always considered the Wii port of Resident Evil 4 to be the definitive version of Capcom’s classic game. Not only does it contain all of extras found in both GameCube and PS2 releases, but it also supports the Wii Remote’s IR Pointer for quick and precise aiming/shooting. With Resident Evil: Revelations headed to the Wii U this May, some of these right-thinking individuals recently asked Capcom if the 3DS port would also include an option to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo. Sadly, it does not appear that the developer is planning to make the right call.

Capcom’s product marketing coordinator, Mike Lunn, broke the disappointing news on the Capcom-Unity forums, saying:

“Unfortunately Revs is only supported by the Wii-U gamepad at the moment. We’re doing what we can to get the new classic controller compatibility, but the game’s not setup to track motions from the wii-remote at this time.”

While this is clearly a missed opportunity, I suppose we can always hold out hope that Capcom will patch Wiimote support into the Wii U at some point in the future. Even if they don’t, Resident Evil: Revelations is still looking to be a fantastic port for anyone interested in an RE experience that is more survival horror than action, so don’t take it off your radar because of this oversight.

At any rate, Capcom also released a bunch of new assets for Revelations this week centered around two of the game’s characters. The first asset drop is a Raid Mode gameplay trailer featuring the fan favorite 4th Survivor of RE2, A.K.A. Mr. Death, A.K.A. Hunk. The second set of assets are of the screenshot variety, and feature Jill Valentine fighting the mutations created by the T-Abyss virus. Check out both the new trailer and the screenshots down below.

Resident Evil: Revelations launches on May 21, 2012 in North America (May 24th across Europe) for everything but the Vita (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC) for $49.99. Digital versions of the game will also be released over XBLA, PSN and the Wii U eShop, however, Capcom has not yet set a date.