Resident Evil Revelations Has Received A Ten Dollar Price Reduction

Last year, it was mentioned that Resident Evil Revelations would ship with a fifty dollar price tag. For the uninitiated, that idea came forth as a result of the game’s size. Instead of fitting onto a standard 2 gigabyte 3DS cartridge, the lengthy (and pretty) survival horror title ended up requiring a 4 gigabyte cart. Not surprisingly, those are more expensive to produce.

Now that we’re getting very close to the game’s February 7 release date (here in North America), news has circulated regarding a ten dollar price drop for what could be considered as the handheld’s most anticipated title. Capcom‘s Brett Elston has commented, saying that the company found a way to drop Revelations‘ asking price to forty dollars, without changing the game’s cartridge size.

However, he still feels that the 8+ hour game is worthy of its original fifty dollar price tag. From the sounds of things, it is, but consumers will appreciate this act of good faith. Then again, an additional $20 Circle Pad Pro accessory purchase is required to play this release using its optimal control scheme.

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