Resident Evil Spinoff Umbrella Corps Hits PlayStation 4 And PC In May


Spinoff Resident Evil title Umbrella Corps releases digitally for PlayStation 4 and PC in May, Capcom have revealed.

Many of you are going to immediately compare the series’ latest spinoff to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and we don’t blame you, as both games look incredibly similar at first glance. Unlike the former though, Umbrella Corps is more interested in pitting you against other players as opposed to the undead horde. Placed in the third-person boots of a faceless Umbrella grunt, you’ll be able to team up with 5 other players to compete in arena-based battles that take place in iconic locales.

The new trailer (above) shows off The Village stage from Resident Evil, the slum-like shanty town seen in Resident Evil 5 and a new Tricell HQ map. Despite the focus on multiplayer though, Umbrella Corps will feature a singleplayer element called ‘The Experiment’ that pits you against increasingly difficult waves of zombies all on your lonesome.

Capcom has promised more than 20 missions for the Experiment mode, but we expect it to act as more of a training/tutorial mode for the multiplayer component.

No doubt many are going to question why Capcom have decided to release yet another shooter-focused spinoff Resi title, but we can only assume they knew what they’re doing. Let’s just hope it’s better received than Operation Raccoon City.

Source: VideoGamer